Friday, June 16, 2006

Match your Toyota Car with a. . .Toyota Home?!?

That's right, Toyota makes prefabricated homes. They're on track to manufacture 5,000 homes this year growing to 7,000 homes in the next couple years. Not bad, considering the average price is $227,000. Do the basic math, and that's a $1.1 billion business!! Not bad! The article, found in the Detroit News, states that a typical home can be assembled by cranes and a roof placed on top in less than 6 hours!! Not too shabby. Just if I could start importing these bad boys.

Check out these images courtesy of The Seattle Times article:

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Seth Godin, Creative Funding

Check out this post from Seth Godin, suggesting a creative, and good, way to fund a new project within a business. It's not totally clear how this funding solution would work in a true start-up that has yet to produce anything (other than the funding received would be exclusively for the original product, and not spinoffs therefrom). Traditional VC or angel terms can be, as Connect magazine warned, stifling to management attaining true greatness with the organization. As such, funding the project, instead of giving up the whole company may make sense.

Check it out: Seth Godin's Blog