Thursday, May 12, 2005

Moi, at the Llama Temple in Beijing Posted by Hello

Monday, May 09, 2005

Howdy, this is my start

Hello world. Here's the beginning of a blog that I hope will be helpful, insightful, and very informative. I am a nut for knowledge. I tell people that I have an insatiable craving for constant knowledge. But, truly, knowledge doesn't do much for you until applied. Once applied, it becomes wisdom that can then be used over and over again. But, enough philosophy for now.

I'm currently an unemployed vagabond with many ambitions, ideas, etc. I'm currently developing a few business ventures of my own. These include:

1. A footwear technology I invented early on (read, when I was in 5th Grade). And,
2. Outsourcing business to China.

Hopefully, through this process, I can get the ball rolling and make some career progress.

I recently returned from a trip to China where I visited with various manufacturers, including visiting a shoe manufactory. Needless to say, understanding the manufacturing process of shoes helped to alleviate the apprehension I have regarding my idea. See how powerful applied knowledge can be!?

So, I'll keep ya'll posted on the progress and development of the technology. USPTO , here we come!!